Copyright and privacy

Unfortunately, we do not know the legal framework in each country of the world. Please ensure that by taking, transferring (uploading or sending), publishing and / or using the number pictures, there are no infringements of copyright and / or privacy laws (e.g. in case of house numbers). In addition, please absolutely ensure that you do not endanger yourself and / or violate laws and regulations of the particular country. E.g. taking pictures of or nearby military or other security relevant facilities is often strictly prohibited, just like trespassing private property. We are not responsible and cannot be held liable for any infringements and violations of legal regulations or any other damages that might result from taking, transferring (uploading or sending), publishing and / or using the number pictures.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, we guarantee that any objection with good cause against the publishing or use of specific number photos will lead to a removal without undue delay from the site Objections have to be sent to moc.yrellagrebmun@ofni without following a specific form. Any further rights or claims are excluded.

The laws of Germany shall exclusively apply. The courts of Leipzig, Germany, shall have exclusive jurisdiction for all possible legal matters.

Use of photos

With regard to the purpose of the number pictures project and e.g. the publication on the internet site and on related sites as well as for all other possible applications incl. artistic and commercial use (amongst others book publishing, digital use, prints on cards, shirts, cups etc.), e.g. also under the name numberdesign, a comprehensive, non-exclusive, license fee free, worldwide, open-ended, transferable and sub-licensable right to use the pictures is required. This right and all additional rights required for the purposes as described above are automatically granted to the recipient and operator of by uploading or sending the pictures. Furthermore, the right to modify the pictures is granted; this might be required e.g. to ensure anonymity.

You assert that you can freely dispose of all rights related to the content submitted to In addition, you assert that people probably shown on the pictures concur with the publishing and use without obligation to pay compensations of any kind. In case of willful or grossly negligent violations of the confirmations given here, you agree to indemnify from any claims, including legal costs and attorney´s fees resulting from these claims, by third parties against

Please note that the download of number pictures from for purposes of retransmission and / or duplication and / or other ways of making them available to the public is prohibited. Downloads and copies from this site are only permitted for private, non-commercial use. If you are interested in a certain picture, though, you can of course contact us any time.

We would like to point out that by uploading or sending the numberphotos, probably geodata regarding the location where the picture was taken will be submitted. will use these personal geodata only for the purposes as described above. Regarding the collection, processing and use of personal data, please also see our data privacy statement (in German). In addition, we would like to point out that any data transfer via the internet (e.g. with regard to e-mail communication) can have vulnerabilities and security holes. A complete protection of data against third party access is not possible.

Anonymization and
Pseudonymization is obliged to permit the use of telemedia and payments anonymously or under pseudonym, as far as this is technically possible and reasonable. Correspondingly, numberphotos can be uploaded on this site without declaration of a name or under pseudonym; this also holds for sending pictures. If you enter a name, this will be published together with your numberphoto on The e-mail address will be used for internal purposes only, e.g. in case of further inquiries regarding the numberphoto, and will not be published on or passed on to third parties.

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