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To build up the world´s largest collection of number pictures, we are unfortunately not able to tour the globe ourselves, but are depending on the help and enthusiasm of people from as many countries as possible. Hence, this project follows a crowdsourcing approach relying on people like hopefully you who are willing to contribute their photos. Let your number picture from your city, country or any place you long to be all around the world become a part of the numbergallery!

Everyone who contributes number photos within a calendar year will take part in a drawing for 5 T-shirts with a number motive at their own choice at the beginning of the following year.



There are no specific requirements regarding the kind and appearance of the numbers. They might be house numbers or street numbers as well as platform numbers in a station or any other kind of number. For example, beach chairs and lamp posts are being numbered; in Switzerland, hydrants bear numbers up to a four digit code; in Austria, the production year is marked on gully covers. Some numbers are brand-new, others already rusted or washed out and interesting anyhow – or especially because of that.

With regard to the numbers themselves, we assume that the numbers from 1 to 100 and from 1900 to 2050 might attract most people as they represent age, years of birth or events in the future to refer to. The former group are certainly the most common numbers anyhow, the latter group can e.g. be found as house numbers in several countries and cities all around the world. Of course, any other fancy or beautiful number would be enriching for the collection and hence be welcome, too.

File transfer

Besides the upload page on this site, there are the following ways of transferring the photos:

  1. Especially if you would like to contribute a larger number of pictures, you can send your pictures to moc.yrellagrebmun@segami.
  2. It is also possible to upload your pictures to Dropbox. Please send us a message via the contact form if you prefer this way of transfer.

Please add the relevant information as shown on the upload page for each picture so we can assign them to the right country and city. Independent of the transmission path, please note that it might take a few days before your pictures actually “go live”, i.e. appear in the photo collection.

Background information

Any delightful, funny or strange event you would like to tell is always welcome to live up the collection. This of course also holds for interesting circumstances under which the pictures were taken. You can share all this in the comment field on the upload page.

Quality and resolution

Pictures should allow enlargements up to a size of 21 cm x 30 cm without loss of quality (approx. 5 - 6 megapixels).

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