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Numbers are indispensable in our life. Without numbers, we would not be able to assess circumstances and distances and make them imaginable (e.g. kilometer indications), to compare (e.g. prices), could not orientate ourselves (e.g. house numbers, postal codes and platform / track numbers) or standardize products, we could hardly compete with others in sports (e.g. long jump distances, elapsed times, goals) and probably could not even bake a tasty cake without quantities.

All the same, many people are at least on ambivalent terms with numbers, especially with mathematics; for others, numbers, their history, development and meaning, are an almost mystic topic.

Our aim goes beyond the practical importance of numbers. We want to show their variety and beauty in everyday use based on as many examples as possible. All over the world, there is a vast diversity of presentations and designs of numbers as house numbers, distance indications and lots of other fields of application. It seems that there are almost no limits to creativity. Colors, shapes and sizes vary depending on culture, history and of course pleasure and taste of the individual user.

We are looking forward to any contribution to our collection and to the further buildup of this website.

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